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A Guide to Wedding Color Themes

Color stirs our every emotion, speaking to our hearts and influencing our souls, so it’s no wonder why color plays such an important role in setting the mood for your wedding. To help you create the perfect palette, we’ve created this ode to wedding colors, a look at themes, seasons, venues and even the meaning behind some of our most favorite shades.

As you plan your wedding, consider creating an inspiration board of wedding photos. From flowers to gowns, and from invitations to décor,  wedding color themes evolve before your eyes. In the meantime, here’s our handy wedding color guide:


Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. You’ve heard the saying, and while this color (historically speaking) used to be reserved for the bride, this hue has become the ultimate statement color with bridesmaids even donning white.

  • Wedding Color Theme: Paired with traditional themes, white creates a timeless wedding.
  • Seasonal: A cooling color, white is perfect for summer weddings, but don’t let any one tell you the hue is unacceptable after Labor Day. Sprinkled into a winter wedding, white can truly captivate your guests.
  • Venues: See our winter wonderland story for inspiration.
  • Meaning: White represents a new beginning, perfect for any wedding day.


Red creates passion, energy and warmth. If you want to turn heads – which you probably do – (it’s your wedding day, after all), red is a perfect color for the outgoing type.

  • Wedding Color Theme: Red creates a bold, classic wedding and mixes well with holiday themes, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It also can lend itself to a retro vibe.
  • Seasonal: Like white, this color is perfect for summer or winter weddings, blending with summer’s lush hues and contrasting against winter’s snowy backdrop. 
  • Venues: In a lush garden wedding or a snow-laden setting, red will stand out in a stunning way.
  • Meaning: Red is the symbolic color for love. Need we say more?

Peach or pink wedding decor

Whimsical colors, like peach and pink, make for some of the most romantic wedding days. These devotional colors create a dreamy atmosphere, signifying the happiness that is to come for the bride and groom.

  • Wedding Color Theme: Peach and pink, with touches of Tiffany blue can create a vintage, ethereal theme, perfect for romantic weddings.
  • Seasonal: These soft pastels are perfect for a spring wedding, or when paired with browns, can create a soothing fall ambiance.
  • Venues: Our intimate wedding venues set the tone for vintage-themed weddings.
  • Meaning: Peach is considered dreamy, while pink relates to unconditional love. Let’s just say Cupid has nothing on these colors.

Plum or brown

At Historic Hotels of America, plum and brown are among our favorite colors. Both have strong historical associations – purple with royalty and brown with rustic. If you’re considering a wedding at a historic hotel, these hues will complement the venue’s history.

  • Wedding Color Theme: Historical, rustic themes make for some of those most memorable weddings, creating a timeless, storybook event.
  • Seasonal: Hello, fall! Plum and brown help create stunning autumn weddings, although these two colors can spice up a spring palette of pastels.
  • Venues: For this color, we’re going to steer you toward some rustic wedding ideas.
  • Meaning: If you’re drawn to these colors, tradition and history have a special place in your heart.

Gold, black, silver or ivory

Elegant, prestigious and extravagant, these colors radiate a type of sophistication that is perfect for a wedding at a historic hotel. Whether you’re trying to create a classic wedding or an upscale vibe, a secondary splash of color will add some fun to the mood.

  • Wedding Color Theme: Picture "The Great Gatsby." These hues lend themselves to a 1920s-style wedding. Don’t forget to add dripping crystals and white feathers to soften these splendid colors.
  • Seasonal: Fall and winter create the perfect mood for an elegant wedding.
  • Venues: Any of our historic hotel venues create an extravagant setting for your wedding. Planning an engagement party? These same venues are perfect for your pre-day celebrations.
  • Meaning: All four colors exude elegance, while silver adds feminine energy to your wedding.

Aqua, orange, yellow or green

If you’re eyeing these colors, you’re a fun-loving person with an extra spark for life. These heart-warming colors will make your guests feel welcome as they watch you start a new chapter in your life.

  • Wedding Color Theme: These splashes of color are perfect for an outside wedding.
  • Seasonal: Spring or summer, these colors are certain to brighten up your special day, while each color can be paired with brown for a romantic, autumn wedding.
  • Venues: These fun colors add to any beach wedding.
  • Meaning: You want to create an uplifting experience, whether you’re shooting for yellow’s stimulating energy, green’s soothing tones, pink’s loving hues, orange’s optimistic outlook or aqua’s healing power.

Gray or navy blue

We paired these last two colors together because both evoke a sense of sophistication. Gray has become the hottest neutral, popping up all over the wedding scene with its sleek, modern vibe. Meanwhile, navy, an ultra-preppy color, adds a certain amount of masculinity to weddings.

  • Wedding Color Them: Modern or nautical, both colors are well suited to create a distinct vibe.
  • Seasonal: Let’s just say gray and navy are the new black – timeless colors perfect for any season. 
  • Venues: These hues are well suited for a trendy, urban wedding.
  • Meaning: Dark grays and navy blue symbolize balance and security, while light gray feels lively.

Happy planning! We hope we’ve given you a splash of inspiration with these wedding color themes.