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Unique wedding ideas

Every girl wants a storybook wedding. Romantic and memorable. So it’s no wonder that most brides get caught up in the details – the unique wedding ideas that create a timeless story. Here are a handful of clever wedding ideas to inspire your newest chapter in life – your wedding day.

Inspiration for a storybook vintage wedding

1. Opt for a fairy tale wedding in a magical place. If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, consider looking at castle wedding venues, like the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, California. Featuring spiraling towers, castle-like turrets, ornate buttresses and stunning domes, this Historic Hotel occupies an entire city block with its splendid architecture. Just as magical, Tarrytown, New York’s Castle Hotel & Spa provides storybook weddings with its Norman architecture of medieval Europe, featuring imposing towers and opulent grandeur.

2. Give your grand entrance a little twist. Mix up the seating formation. Instead of organizing chairs in rows, form a circle (or an arc) so that guests can encircle you on your special day. For a more interesting twist have the chairs spiral inward, so that you circle wind around your guests as you make your way down the aisle to the center of this seashell shape. Indiana’s West Baden Springs Hotel features a 30,000-square-foot domed atrium perfect for this kind of seating arrangement.

3. While we’re on the topic of seating, stray away from the traditional. Have guests sit on antique furniture, hay bales or log benches for whimsical flair. Glasbern Country Inn in Pennsylvania offers rustic barn and farm weddings on 150 acres of beautiful countryside.

4. Instead of a guest book, have friends and family leave messages in a bottle. Create a rack that holds a series of bottles, each artfully labeled with a number. Guests can leave a note in the bottle of their choice. Then, in future anniversary years, read these enduring messages, corresponding with the number on the bottle. This idea is perfect for intimate wineries or historic venues, like the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, once a 19th-century manufacturing giant of – you guessed it – corks.

5. For nautical wedding venues, like Harbor View Hotel of Martha's Vineyard, consider tying a fisherman’s knot instead of lighting a unity calendar. The strongest knot of its kind, the rope will only get tighter with pressure, making this a symbolic keepsake.

6. During your wedding portrait session, entertain guests with wedding lawn games. From croquet to horseshoes, from giant Jenga to ladder golf, these lively games have a certain Southern flair, so if you’re eyeing a plantation-style venue, like Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana, consider a little gaming fun to strike up the charm.

7. Another quaint idea – treat guests to a popcorn bar, where family and friends can scoop up fresh popcorn and sprinkle on custom flavors. Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in the White Mountains of New Hampshire even has its own custom movie theater with feature films. 

8. And since we love all things historic, incorporate a little timeless romance into your wedding photography. Break out your parents’ wedding photos and snap your bride and groom pics, each holding a framed portrait of your own parents.