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Unforgettable honeymoons at The Lenox

Among the dust and rafters of an attic, Tom Cavin carefully studied the yellowed menu. On it, an oval portrait of George Washington graced the front, and below the image, a note had been written. It read in delicate cursive, “We spent our honeymoon (2 days)” with an arrow pointing at the inscription: “Hotel Lenox Boston.” Accompanying the menu, Tom also found a hotel receipt dated October 20, 1945 — the very day his aunt and uncle, Peggy and Donald Cavin, were married at Immaculate Conception in Everett, just five miles away from The Lenox.

Tom soon realized he had unearthed honeymoon mementos that were more than six decades old …

The Cavins’ second honeymoon

The Back Bay building manager decided to send a copy of the items to The Lenox for its historic archive, and before the family knew it, the love story had made its way through the hotel grapevine, ultimately leading to a very special invitation extended to the Cavins. The Lenox asked the Nevada couple, both World War II U.S. Marine veterans, to return on their 65th wedding anniversary for a second honeymoon. The hotel even honored the couple’s 1945 room rate of $4.40!

“The Lenox is rooted in more than a century of rich history,” explains Scott Grigelevich, the Brand Ambassador for The Lenox. “But it’s the unknown stories, like the one of the Cavins, that we are privileged to help script every day.”

And Grigelevich couldn’t be more right about the hotel’s romantic “scripting.” The Lenox, a Boston honeymoon favorite, has long played witness to newlywed bliss with the 115-year-old establishment claiming to be “The Original Boutique Hotel.” As such, the family-operated gem prides itself on service with a personal touch.

The Cavins were upgraded from their original honeymoon accommodations — Room 502 — to a spacious suite befitting their special anniversary. The hotel chef even recreated items straight from the souvenir menu of the hotel’s then-restaurant — The Washington Grill — to create a memorable dinner. Three years after that special “second honeymoon,” Donald sadly passed away; his wife and family were by his side. Many remember Donald as a decorated WWII veteran. Those in Nevada recall his contributions to wildlife conservation (he pioneered the reintroduction of the desert bighorn sheep within the state in the late 1960s). As for Bostonians, his love story is fondly recalled more than six decades later.

Today’s unforgettable honeymoons

Today, The Lenox continues to inspire tales of honeymoon romance with its enchanting European-style accommodations. A favorite among couples, the Executive King Fireplace Room features a sitting area with an ornate wood-burning fireplace. For a little Hollywood glamor, newlyweds can reserve the renovated Judy Garland Suite, where the actress lived for three months in 1965. Meanwhile, the Back Bay Suite with its modern color palette is a favorite for its Boston views.

Like the Cavins, couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants or trendy bars. City Table is one of the Back Bay’s favorite neighborhood eateries with comfort fare, lovely presentation and stylish artwork creating the restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere. Many honeymoon nightcaps have been sipped at City Bar, known as one of Boston’s top hotel bars. For old-fashioned, Boston-Irish hospitality, stop in at Sólás, a the Boylston Street pub whose name means “comfort” in Gaelic.

Of course, many honeymooners opt to take advantage of The Lenox’s 24-hour in-room dining, which offers delectable menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to ask for the hotel’s chocolate turndown service! It’s a honeymoon favorite, and who knows … 65 years later, those little indulgent moments might be the stuff of memories.