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Mountain View Grand spa

The White Mountains’ most romantic view

It all began with the view …

On a rainy night in 1865, when a stagecoach overturned, two weary travelers sought shelter at the Dodge Farm in Whitefield, New Hampshire. The next morning, when the guests stepped onto the porch, the 4,000-foot peaks of the White Mountains enamored the pair. Captivated, the travelers lengthened their stay, and soon after, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa was born. For 150 years, the hotel has been treating couples to the same views, only now from the perch of the Tower Spa, a haven where guests can indulge themselves in unadulterated romance.

A private soak with views

From miles away, guests know they’ve arrived to Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa when they spot the hotel’s Italian Revival-style tower, an iconic focal point of the resort. But it’s not until couples retreat to the tower do they truly understand they have arrived.

From this seventh-story feature, couples can enjoy a private soak: swimsuits optional — in the tower’s infinity tub with the 360-degree views of the White Mountains that surround the resort. The tower’s ceiling is painted in a heavenly mural of clouds. Paired with the endless vistas, couples feel like they’re bathing outside, except in absolute seclusion of the Tower Spa.

The experience lasts 20 minutes, and couples can enjoy six different aromatherapy options — sage, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary or lemon grass. There also is a mineral soak, boasting 22 different salts and minerals in this detoxifying bath.

A favorite New England spa

After a luxurious soak, romantics can steal away for several more spa treatments, including facials, pedicures and massages, where pampering and romance seamlessly go together during your Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa stay.

From the Swedish Relaxation to Deep Tissue massage, pairs can enjoy 50- or 80-minute massages, depending on the selection. A dual experience thanks to the spa's spacious treatment rooms, couples can enjoy their massage experience together. For true indulgence, try Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa's’s Four-Handed Massage, where two therapists create a full-body experience. 

Couples pedicures are another undeniable treat. From the Classic Pedicure to the indulgent Spa Pedicure, complete with paraffin dip, guests can relish a toe-tantalizing experience. The spa even offers a special Farm Fresh Seasonal Pedicure, wherein new ingredients are harvested from the resort’s working farm each month to capture the season’s aromas. The spa’s 25- and 50-minute facials are another favorite for couples. The spa boasts seven treatment rooms, two salon rooms, five salon stations, two lounges and separate lounges for ladies and gentlemen.

Romantic, historic lore

For couples that love historic lore, Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa employees used to steal away to a self-built gazebo hidden on the resort. Back then, many of the employees lived in the hotel’s fourth-floor quarters (where the spa is today), and so they weren’t allowed to date. The gazebo became the perfect place for couples to wed in secret. Today, that gazebo has been restored and moved to the Grand Fountain Terrace so guests can enjoy their own weddings at this romantic treasure.

Another secluded gem can be found at 1865, the resort's fine dining restaurant. Here, set in Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa's renowned wine cellar, couples can reserve "The Nook," a semi-private, two-person table surrounded by wine bottles. Many romantic gents have proposed at this very table with some couples returning to Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa for their wedding. Then again, proposals aren't required to hole up in "The Nook." All you need is a reservation and that special someone.